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About Bettie Stijnman

After graduating from The Royal Academy of The Visual Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands, Bettie lived a peaceful family life, raising her three lovely children: Saskia, Mirjam and Jeroen. However, her passion for arts and crafts has never faded, so after her retirement, Bettie has returned fully to her love for painting and even acquired a new one: sculpting. This website is meant to give a small impression of Bettie's work and to share its beauties with those to whom it speaks or appeals the most. Please enjoy!

<head>Pioenroos 1  /  Peony 1</head> Pioenroos 1 / Peony 1

<head>Roos "Linneas"</head> Roos "Linneas"

<head>Pioenroos 2  /  Peony 2</head> Pioenroos 2 / Peony 2

<head>Blauwe Iris  /  Blue Iris</head> Blauwe Iris / Blue Iris

<head>Orchidee  / Orchid</head> Orchidee / Orchid

<head>Dooi bij Bacinol  /  Thawing near Bacinol</head> Dooi bij Bacinol / Thawing near Bacinol

<head>Gezicht op Nieuwe Kerk Delft  /  View on New Church Delft</head> Gezicht op Nieuwe Kerk Delft / View on New Church Delft

<head>Delftse watertoren in de sneeuw
Delft water tower in snow</head> Delftse watertoren in de sneeuw Delft water tower in snow

<head>Herfst bij spoorvijver</head> Herfst bij spoorvijver

<head>Roos "Marie Curie"</head> Roos "Marie Curie"

<head>Dubbele roze Stokroos  / Double pink Hollyhock</head> Dubbele roze Stokroos / Double pink Hollyhock

<head>Datura hart</head> Datura hart

<head>Grote Datura</head> Grote Datura

<head>Herfstspiegeling  /  Autumn mirroring</head> Herfstspiegeling / Autumn mirroring

<head>Stilleven met Shiva  /  Still life with Buddha</head> Stilleven met Shiva / Still life with Buddha

<head>Wintervlinder  /  Butterfly in winter</head> Wintervlinder / Butterfly in winter

<head>Bronzen Boeddha  /  Bronze Buddha</head> Bronzen Boeddha / Bronze Buddha

<head>Pharao</head> Pharao

<head>Lotus baby</head> Lotus baby

<head>Lathyrus lady</head> Lathyrus lady

<head>Portret met Magnolia  /  Portrait with Magnolia</head> Portret met Magnolia / Portrait with Magnolia

<head>Elf  /  Fairy</head> Elf / Fairy

<head>Papaverdanseres  /  Poppy dancer</head> Papaverdanseres / Poppy dancer

<head>Bronzen boompioen  / Bronze Tree Peony</head> Bronzen boompioen / Bronze Tree Peony

<head>Roos "Sunny Sky"</head> Roos "Sunny Sky"

<head>Slapende bij  /  Sleeping bee</head> Slapende bij / Sleeping bee

<head>Parkiettulp 1  /  Paroquet tulip 1</head> Parkiettulp 1 / Paroquet tulip 1

<head>Parkiettulp 2  /  Paroquet tulip 2</head> Parkiettulp 2 / Paroquet tulip 2

<head>Parkiettulp 3  /  Paroquet tulip 3</head> Parkiettulp 3 / Paroquet tulip 3

<head>Parkiettulp 4  /  Paroquet tulip 4</head> Parkiettulp 4 / Paroquet tulip 4

<head>Parkiettulp 5  /  Paroquet tulip 5</head> Parkiettulp 5 / Paroquet tulip 5
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